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CETA 2025 will provide an insight into the unique world stemming from the interaction between the fields of computer engineering, technologies and applications.

Track 1: Software and Information Engineering

Algorithms and Bioinformatics, Compiler Design
Business Information Systems
Computer Architecture and Real time Systems
Distributed trust models
Docker Security
Embedded System and Software
Game and Software Engineering
Geographical Information Systems
Information Security and Forensics
Information Systems and Applications
Information Technology Management
Intelligent Information & Database Systems
Operating Systems
Performance Evaluation
Process Mining
Programming Languages
Security and Cryptology
Security and Information Assurance
Social Web Search and Mining
Soft Computing (AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, etc.)
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Threat and attack models
Virtualization and Security
Track 2: Computer Theory and Technology

Algorithms and Protocols
Applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Cloud Computing
Computational Statistics
Deep Learning
Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing
Distributed and Parallel Systems & Algorithms
Edge Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Fog Computing
Green Computing
High Performance Computing
Human–Computer Interaction
Machine Translation
Meta-heuristics Algorithms
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Modeling and Simulation
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing
Neural Network Applications
Statistical Theory and Methods
Support Vector Machines
Theoretical computer science
Theoretical Computer Science
Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics
Track 3: Computer Science and Engineering Application

Applications of blockchain in IoT
Applications of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain based applications
Blockchain based identity management and access control systems
Blockchain Security Issues
Communication Networks
Computational Intelligence and Complexity
Computer Education
Computer-based Educational Technologies
Cyber-Physical Systems
E-health and blockchain
Geographical Information Systems/ Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Grid and Scalable Computing
Infrastructure for IoT blockchain applications
Intelligent Human Computer Interaction
Intelligent Transportation System
IoT and Cloud Computing 
IT policy and Business Management
Multimedia Systems and Services
Networking and Communications
Security frameworks based on Blockchain
Smart cities and blockchain
Smart contracts for IoT
Smart grid and blockchain
Smart home and blockchain
Social Networks
Web and Internet Computing
Track 4: Data theory and key technologies

Algorithm and Data Structure
Big Data and Edge Computing
Big Data and Information Quality
Big Data Computations and Applications
Big Data Infrastructure
Big Data Mining
Big Data Security, Privacy and Trust
Cloud Computing for Big Data
Data Science
Data Standards
Database and Data Mining
Database Management and Information Retrieval
In-Network Data Processing
Machine Learning and Big Data


Track 5: Image analysis and processing

Feature Selection
Pattern Recognition
Image Processing
Pattern Recognition
Image Processingn




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